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Alison Jagger Cane
After running my own small business for a few years it is now a great joy to have
the chance to revisit my art/design and make practice. My previous work has been
underpinned by an interest in the mysteries of the brain - specifically consciousness,
perception and thought.

The notion of merging science, technology and biology played a major role in the
conceptual outcome of my previous art imagery and installation work.This new body
of work is very different for me. It is an experiment in exploring my own consciousness
and validating the results through a series of abstract digital marks to initiate a design.

In art terms you would probably describe it as digital, abstract expressionism
based on personal exploration. The outcome surprisingly reflects a winter landscape
and has features that can be used in my design work.

From this starting point I hope to create a collection which will include wall art,
sculptural pieces and perhaps some handmade useable items.

This is new work in progress for me so watch this space!