Luci Coles

I trained as a sculptor, graduating from Wimbledon School of Art

in 2000. My aim is to demonstrate a unique blend of experimental

and traditional techniques, materials and aesthetics to generate a

sense of history in a contemporary object.

My work incorporates a variety of materials from stone and wood carving to assemblages of recycled and reclaimed materials. I create sculptures and relief paintings using a variety of materials, always incorporating recycled, reclaimed and found elements.

I am fascinated by traditions and cultures, the objects of worship and our beliefs, evolution and erosion, water washed shapes and textures created within rock, by ruins, weathered surfaces and anything fossilised. My life long pursuit it to capture beauty and discover what is important by the power of nature and the concept of value. My work often revolves around the idea of giving nature a helping hand, depicting nature's reclamation of the world of man. It also contains an environmental theme or uses recycled materials.

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